Aspect of Autumn - Limited Edition


Aspect of Autumn - Limited Edition


Limited Edtion Giclée Print - 16inx20in
Only 50 will ever be printed

  • All prints are signed and numbered
  • 16inx20in including a 1in border
  • Printed on high quality archival luster paper with premium archival ink
  • Frame not included
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Aspect of Autumn

Original drawing

Throughout the harvest season, the Aspect of Autumn can be seen gleefully frolicking through the forest. She is the guardian, the caretaker, who provides life and protection. One by one, she joyfully plucks the dying leaves from the plants while the animals of the forest follow closely behind. As winter draws near and the sun turns away from the world, the Aspect of Autumn tucks the flora and fauna in for their slumber and allows them to find comfort in the shadows while they await the coming of spring.


I created the Aspect of Autumn based on the feeling I get during Fall. It's a fleeting season book-ended by long summer days and cold winter nights. There's a sense of magic in the air I wanted to capture in her personality. A glee that the holidays are fast approaching and the need to shake off the summer haze to begin another school year.