Grim - 16x20in Limited Edition


Grim - 16x20in Limited Edition


Limited Edition Giclée Print - 16inx20in
Only 100 will ever be printed

  • All prints are signed and numbered

  • 16inx20in including a 1in border

  • Printed on high quality archival luster paper with premium archival ink

  • Frame not included

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Original Drawing for Grim

Original Drawing for Grim


I’ve conquered ancient mountains and endured thunderstorms
I have witnessed love and loss and seen dreams take form
Watched rivers dry, canyons carved, and land transform
All living things to my rhythm perform

We will collide one day, you and I
Safe in your bed or where you lie
My tithe with gold you can’t buy
To the darkness we fly

Working on Grim in my studio

Working on Grim in my studio

The idea of making a whimsical piece about death has been in my mind for awhile. I'm a pretty big fan of the horror-comedy genre for it's ability to make us laugh at some of our deepest fears. The movie "The Frighteners" was a big inspiration for Grim. I wanted to capture that wispy wraith-like creature that exists between worlds.

With my interpretation of Grim I wanted to create something familiar, but with my own twist. Instead of portraying the traditional scythe I gave Grim a lantern filled with small spirits that he is ferrying to the otherworld. I left his hood empty as a nod to 'The Frighteners', but I also find the empty hood more mysterious and that is something I always strive for over in your face horror.