La Llorona - 16x20in Limited Edition


La Llorona - 16x20in Limited Edition


Limited Edition Giclée Print - 16inx20in
Only 100 will ever be printed

  • All prints are signed and numbered
  • 16inx20in including a 1in border
  • Printed on high quality archival luster paper with premium archival ink
  • Frame not included
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La Llorona

Years ago, on a night similar to this one, two children were adrift in the cold and damp, trying to find their way home. Follow the river downstream, that was what they remembered. In their drowned coats they forged on. Their boots sank in the mud as they heard a woman’s woeful cry,

“Where are my children?” they heard through the pitter-patter. 

They were filled with a flood of relief. As they approached the reeds, her pouring eyes turned towards them, it was then the children realized their misstep. She had led them to their new home, down with the roots, fish, and stone.

The Weeping Woman of the Southwest

Drawing for La Llorona

Drawing for La Llorona

A beautiful girl named Maria lived in a small town. She dreamt of having a loving family and getting married in a beautiful white gown. One day a young ranchero arrived upon his wild steed. He won her heart and asked for her hand, she agreed. And so the two lovers wed under the shining moon. Maria’s beautiful family would be on it’s way soon. 

The years went by quickly and their two children grew. But another woman’s heart the ranchero began to pursue. Maria was furious the day she found him with her. She would take away the only thing he loved and tossed their children in the river. She quickly realized what she had done. After them she tried to run. But it was too late. The depths had claimed their fate. Maria cried for her children and ran down the riverbed. She slipped into the river and drowned until she was dead. 

Now the legends say she pays for her sin. She haunts the river and searches for her kin. So if you find yourself alone near the river at night. Beware of La Llorona’s frightful sight. “Where are my children!?” She’ll cry. Just before pulling you into the river to die.