Maebh, The Courtless - 11x14in Print


Maebh, The Courtless - 11x14in Print


11x14in print on premium luster photo paper

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Maebh the Courtless

Maebh waved her hand in a welcoming gesture. The boy’s breath caught in his throat as he was pulled closer through no action of his own. “I… really ought to be getting home,” he mumbled, struggling to evade her cold yellow eyes.

“Forget your worry, creature. I know the way and I will show you. Just look here for a moment.” The boy looked up into her eyes and felt safe for the first time in these woods. Entranced, he could not look away.


When creating Maebh I wanted to explore a small piece of Faerie lore. Maebh is a very interesting character who is often portrayed as part of the Unseelie court. Immediately stories of what led to her joining that side came to mind. What had led her to make that choice? Those ideas led me to this image. At it's heart the image is about the human need for attention and affection and how being obsessed with it can lead us to dark places.