The Skinwalker - 11x14in Print


The Skinwalker - 11x14in Print


11x14in print on premium luster photo paper

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The Skinwalker Thumbnails

The Skinwalker Thumbnails

The Skinwalker

The woods are filled with wonder and dread
Be wary of the paths you tread
If you gaze into the darkness
all that lurks within stares into you instead


The Skinwalker is a creature that has haunted me since I was a child. My mother told me stories of men who could change into the form of ravens. I found the story fascinating and pretended that the black birds I saw in my backyard were people and dreamed of having the ability to change myself.

Legends of the Skinwalker

The Skinwalker is a harmful witch in Navajo culture. They have the ability to shape-shift in animals to carry out their misdeeds. The Navajo are reluctant to speak about the Skinwalker as it's common belief that talking about such things draws them to you, because of this much of the folklore surrounding the Skinwalker is unknown.

Skinwalkers are the embodiment of corruption and represent the evil that comes from perverting sacred practices for ill gotten gain.

Skinwalker Ranch

Located outside of Ballard, Utah, Skinwalker Ranch is the site of inexplicable and terrifying paranormal events over the last 50 years. The ranch sits on the boarder of a Ute Native American Reservation. Close to 100 incidents have been witnessed ranging from cattle mutilation to large animals who are immune to bullets. The ranch is still experiencing paranormal events to this day.